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Tyres & Rims

Tyres and rims are the primary contact between your vehicle and the road. Tyres must be kept up to maximise the performance and security of your car, as well as fuel economy, comfort, and noise reduction. Worn tyres or damaged rims can be unsafe.

Choosing the best tyres and rims for your vehicle is essential.

Ozwreck will provide you genuine and after market second hand tyres and wheels from 16 inch to 20 inch.

We recommend you inspect your tyres (including the spare) and check their pressure every two weeks and if you suspect or find damage have the tyre examined immediately.

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Mag Wheels

For Mag Wheels, look no further than Ozwreck. For over 20 years of experience, we have been Victoria’s most trusted Holden & Ford experts and our completely authorized and highly skilled workshop knows the ins and outs on models and brands of mag wheels.

So, if you need mag wheels, at Ozwreck you will be treated fairly, and you will drive away with mag wheels that look as good as new again but at a fraction of the cost.

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